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How to Tackle Feelings of Depression When Unemployed

If you are between jobs and find yourself feeling depressed, you are not alone. Learn strategies you can take to help yourself feel better....(more)

Surviving Your Job Loss: Unemployment Job Search Requirements

During the transition period in which you are looking for a new job, it can be difficult to acquire the money required to pay for basic expenses such as food, shelter and clothing. Thus, many people receive unemployment benefits from the state or federal government to help them pay for basic necessities while searching for a job. However, in most states you must be actively searching for a new job as a condition of receiving the benefits. If you are interested in receiving benefits, it can help to understand the unemployment job search requirements....(more)

Finding Employment Opportunities at U of A

There are a lot of perks to U of A employment. Like other publicly-funded universities, full-time workers at the University of Arizona are eligible for a host of benefits, including comprehensive medical insurance and greatly reduced tuition....(more)

Who Gets to Collect Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment programs are overseen by state governments, with much of the funding coming from the federal government. The question of exactly who gets unemployment benefits is a crucial one if you have lost your job and have no income. Here are some important facts about qualifying for unemployment compensation....(more)


How to Say Thanks and Help Your Career

The simple act of saying thank you and giving well-deserved compliments can help you strengthen relationships and boost your career. Here are easy strategies you can put to work for you....(more)

How To Talk With an Unemployed Friend

Helping friends who are between jobs is a delicate art as there's a fine line between being perceived as helpful or being seen as condescending. Learn how to talk to friends and be supportive not overbearing....(more)

How to Handle Being Passed Over for a Promotion

If you've been passed over for a promotion, you may feel hurt, resentment, and as if your positive contributions to your employer have been overlooked. Handle the situation with grace and chances are good that you may be next in line for a new opportunity. Here's how to do it....(more)


How to Update Your Resume

Even if you're happily employed, keep your resume updated so that it can be shared at a moment's notice. Having a current resume will allow you to quickly respond to job listings as well as any inquiries of interest you receive. ...(more)

How to Write a Great Resume

Even if it takes you hours to write, most employers will spend less than 15 seconds reviewing your resume. Here are three dos and don'ts you can use to provide a strong overview of your past experience. Follow these tips and increase your chances of getting called for an interview....(more)

Crafting a Copy Editor Resume

Employers look for copy editors that are intelligent, attentive, and have a strong command of language. Copy editors resume need to be much in the same vein, showcasing perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling. In addition, the style of the document should remain consistent throughout and the content should always be clear and concise. Explore ways to describe your prowess with the English language, then turn to this page to help you get your resume written....(more)

E. Chandlee Bryan, M.Ed. is a certified career coach, writer and speaker. A co-author of the Twitter Job Search Guide (JIST Publications, 2010), she has worked as a college career advisor, a recruiter, and with rocket scientists. At the height of the recession from 2008 to 2011, she led the... Read More

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